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September 4, 2011

I think many people who travel dont really realise what wonderful sights are close to home and by close I mean in some cases only 2 or 3 hours away.  We took a trip down to a campsite in Wales at Cwellyn Arms in Rydd Ddu, in the heart on Snowdonia national park and better still at the foot of Mount Snowdon, not only that right on the side of lake Cwellyn.

The campsite was about a 3/4 mile walk from the pub and on the grounds had a brand new shower block and laundry room, which are both in excellent condition and at £8 per person per night I was certainly a happy Camper if you forgive the pun!

Some of the surrounding villages such as Beddgelert are almost Alpine with interesting buildings, tea rooms and restuarants which are well worth a stop even if only for a cup of coffee. 

Of course no trip to Snowdon would be complete without a trip to the top of the mountain!  Two ways up either walk or catch the train, which isnt cheap but is certainly worth it.  We opted to get the train up and get all the interesting facts about the area and a walk down which takes about two hours and is well worth it to take in the stunning views on the way back down to Llanbaris.

Just remember your jacket even when its warm because it isnt so warm at 1085m above sea level!  There are a number of paths back down and also a bus service which circles Snowdon so if you walk up one path you can always go down another and easily get back to where you started! There are also plenty if steam trains touring Snowdonia and other villiages such as Betws-y-coed which is a popular area.

Lake Cwellyn from the summit of Snowdon

All in all a great trip and so worth the 3 hour journey littered with castles on the way!  still another week off so next stop Lakes then Scotland!!

Out with the old in with the new

September 4, 2011
Ok so third but first charged for wedding has been edited and the album has been received by happy clients! 

And so its time for a change, although I will keep this site I am going to now make it my dedicated photographic artwork site and move all the business to my new site, which is currently under construction.

So please keep checking back to see the changes and new images!

new site

see you soon!

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Real Talent

September 4, 2011
I rarely check out Explore on Flickr, not because I think I am too good for that its literally a matter of time, if I do have time to spend on Flickr I like to check out my friends streams and return the favour of comments I get but today I decided to go to Explore and I was so glad I did.

There are some real talented Photographers out there with their own unique style and when I saw this stream I was blown away, some stunning images which I can only ever wish I could shoot something li...
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NSPCC Hack - Buxton 2011

September 4, 2011
For the past 2 years I have taken part, with others from my place of employment, in the NSPCC Hack 25 mile challenge @ Ingleborough and this year I was willing to give it another go.  Getting a team together wasnt easy and out of the original 10 people who voluntered we ended up with only 4 and me being the only original member of the previous 2 walks, but that wont deter me from doing it next year even if I have to do it on my own :)

a very very steep hill!

After a 4.30am start and a 50 min d...
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Leeds West Indian Carnival 2011

August 29, 2011
For the 3rd year running I took a visit to the Leeds West Indian Carnival @ Potternewton Park, Chapletown, formlerly Chapletown Carnival and I certainly wasnt disappointed, it seems to be getting bigger and better every year.

The one thing you can find in abundance here is the food, lots of smoke rising from the many barbeques that are every other stall circling the main stage, including all things Jamaican, Carribean and a bit of African thrown in. 

So whats on the menu I hear you ask? weeell...
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Journey 2 - Esholt, Hawksworth, 5 rise locks

April 17, 2011
Distance approx 15km

Time 2 1/2 hrs

So today was another cracking day and perfect for cycling, not too hot, too cold or too breezy.  My route today is a bit of hills and a bit of flat and luckily I got the hills out of the way first!

My start point is on the A6038 near Esholt in Bradford (where they used to shoot Emmerdale Farm) in the main road there is plenty of parking, I suggest somewhere near the Halfway House pub is probably they easiest.  The first part of the ride is main road and can be...

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first journey Armley to Bramley - Aire Valley Tow Path

April 12, 2011
Better late than never!  The weather has been unpredictable of for yesterday and today so I was waiting with baited breath looking out of my window at work to see if today would be they day I would finally be back on two wheels and it was!

My Bike

as it was 6pm by the time I got out I knew it wouldnt be a long one, just as well really as I dont want to get saddle sore before my weekend ride (weather permitting) there was a little wind but not too much, there is nothing worse than fighting the w...
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The start of a new adventure

April 10, 2011

Whilst I was out walking the dog today enjoying the beautiful sunshine and watching the wildlife all around me was thinking I should have camera in tow as well as the dog and then I got to thinking about riding my mountain bike as in the summer months I like nothing more on the weekend than getting out in the countryside and clocking up the miles.

I love to take pictures when I am cycling but dont really want to take my expensive & heavy D300s and all the gubbins with me in the heat or unpred...

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