Whilst I was out walking the dog today enjoying the beautiful sunshine and watching the wildlife all around me was thinking I should have camera in tow as well as the dog and then I got to thinking about riding my mountain bike as in the summer months I like nothing more on the weekend than getting out in the countryside and clocking up the miles.

I love to take pictures when I am cycling but dont really want to take my expensive & heavy D300s and all the gubbins with me in the heat or unpredictable weather so I came upon the idea that I would start a new little project, like a photo documentary project but using my camera phone and a handy little retro app for Android which has pin hole & Barbol etc.

I know that some photographers don't really have a high opinion of camera phone photography but I just thought I might do it for a bit of fun! Oridnarily I would have been out on the bike 2 weeks ago but do to an unfortunate illness that has set me back a couple of weeks, but never fear! next week I will be back in that saddle and starting my new project until its took cold for me to ride anymore!

So make sure you check back after next weekend for the start of your tour by bike!