For the 3rd year running I took a visit to the Leeds West Indian Carnival @ Potternewton Park, Chapletown, formlerly Chapletown Carnival and I certainly wasnt disappointed, it seems to be getting bigger and better every year.

The one thing you can find in abundance here is the food, lots of smoke rising from the many barbeques that are every other stall circling the main stage, including all things Jamaican, Carribean and a bit of African thrown in. 

So whats on the menu I hear you ask? weeell, Jerk Chicken, Curry Goat & Ackees & Saltfish are a favorite to be washed down with a Vodka slush puppy or maybe a Rum punch?

Vodka Slushie??? cheers!

It starts to get busy about 1pm just an hour before the main precession starts but the Carnival will be still in full swing until 8pm and then to one of the many afterparties in the City. But if loud music and dancing is what your after then you just stay right here for a real community spirit which has kept on rising even though the carnival centre was hit by an arson attack at the time of the recent riots. (see link)

Leeds Carnival Centre attack

Pap & Stew South African dish

If your after something a little exotic then try coconut milk served straight out of the cocnut with a straw or maybe some sugar cane?  You could certainly spend a fair amount of cash on food here if your into trying something new, although its not expensive its so hard to choose what it is you want to eat you have to try a few things!

Sugar cane and Coconuts

Jerk Chicken & Roasted Corn

Then comes the dancing, wonderfully colourful costumes for everyone, you really cant help but wiggle a bit when the procession goes by, you really have to envy the dancers energy and spirit, young or old everyone has a place in the carnival.  lets see what it has to offer next year!