For the past 2 years I have taken part, with others from my place of employment, in the NSPCC Hack 25 mile challenge @ Ingleborough and this year I was willing to give it another go.  Getting a team together wasnt easy and out of the original 10 people who voluntered we ended up with only 4 and me being the only original member of the previous 2 walks, but that wont deter me from doing it next year even if I have to do it on my own :)

a very very steep hill!

After a 4.30am start and a 50 min drive to Buxton we arrive to register, I notice that the number of people registered is only 280 thats 200 people less than the Ingleborough event, I wonder if that can be blamed on the state of the economy right now or because the registration fee has increased from £15 to £20.

First stage the path to the Cat & Fiddle

It was a bit of a misty start but it was light and surprisingly I didnt feel that tired, I had lots of bits and bobs in my bag for energy and not forgetting my spare socks!  The first checkpoint is at the Cat & Fiddle which is the highest pub in England.

This first stage was the longest with 7 miles to cover and then on to the 2nd stage for another 7 miles to the halway point where a nice hot coffee was a welcome sight and my feet welcomed the fresh socks even more!!  Only 10 miles to the finish!

The weather stayed dry and the sun made an appearance at time, but the ground was soft which was welcome to my feet for sure, although I am sure the marshalls kept lying to us by telling us no more hills and the next one would be worse than the last!

after the third stage of 6 miles the final stage of only 4 miles is left, so far we have walked across moorland high up with amazing views and through beautiful woodland with a vibrant green forest floor and after a quick coffee we are off to the finish.

The last stage seems to take forever but we finally get to the end, I dare not sit down in case I cant stand up again and I cant wait to take off my boots! Hot soup and a roll courtesy of the NSPCC is waiting for us along with claps and thanks for the effort.  Hopefully we have fulfilled our £1,000 target which we will begin to collec now the task is complete.

I would have more pictures on this blog but it seems my phone has eaten them!

oh well, until next year!