After many compact cameras you have finally decided you want to take better pictures, have more control over the cameras settings and take photography up as a hobby but there is just one problem, there are so many DSLR's to choose from you don't where to start. maybe this will help!

The most popular DSLR manufacturers at the moment seem to be Canon & Nikon, I have observed with many photographers your either Canon or your Nikon. However that said there are other manufacturers of DSLR's who will be just as good for the serious beginner such as Sony, Samsung & Pentax.  As photography is becoming more in demand and getting much bigger as a hobby the technology and range available seems to be forever expanding, but don't despair! You will find the camera for you.

There are 2 types of DSLR available, Consumer DSLR's and Professional DSLR's.  You can pick up a consumer DSLR for between £350 & £800 which is a good price for the amount of technology that goes into them. Pro DSLR's go into thousands of pounds but if you have little or no experience I dont recommend you go out and buy a pro camera for £1000 when you will learn just as well with the consumer range.  There are many sites online where you can purchase your new toy, such as Amazon, Currys, Warehouse Express & PC World to name a few, if you would prefer to go and buy one in store you have Jessops,  PC World, Curry's and many of the smaller local camera shops to go at.  Don't be afraid to ask questions or spend a bit of time fiddling with the display models, after all you will be shelling out a fair amount of cash and you want to be sure which one is best for you before you do!

It is also a good idea to read reviews about DSLR's from people who own them already, there are plenty of these on the net on forums and comparison websites to go at which will help you to decide. Check out Flickr also if you want to see what sort of images real people are taking and what equipment they are using, about halfway down the page on the right of each page of somene's photostream it states which equipment they are using, there are also many different groups for the different camera types, join them, make contacts and ask those people what they think of there chosen equipment, almost everyone wiil be happy to give you their opinion!

Once you have a shortlist have a look at the manufacturers website, they will have all the specifications and other information that might be of use to help you decide.  It may be wise to get a DSLR in a kit (with a lens) which will save you having the extra stress of trying to choose a lens too!

One last thing, don't forget to buy a UV filter, it doesn't have to be expensive you can get them on Ebay for just a few pounds not particularly to for the UV rays but more for the protection of your lens, its worth spending that extra few pounds on a small piece of glass than a few hundred replacing a scratched lens!